7/23/2012 Taylor Hill Farm Wins HHPC July League, 7.5 - 5
  Congratulations to Taylor Hill Farm- Sarah Martin, CJ Martin, Chip Steigler & Gregor Simiones for a great tournament!! Runners Up- Haviland Hollow Polo - Marina Wambold, Emma Joinnides, Zacharias Gob and Sam Ramirez Jr.
7/05/2013 Blackwatch Narrowly Defeats Los Lobos to Capture HHPC June League
  Blackwatch played an all round game in the finals of the June League vs Los Lobos. Blackwatch wins 9-8. All in all an exciting tournament to warm up for the 2013 summer season. Congratulations to Blackwatch - Talbot Logan, Rich Terbusch, Nick Brien, Luis Galvan
5/27/2013 HHPC Hosts Polo Players Clinic with Steve Lane (USPA) June 7 - 9th 2013
  The 2013 polo season is finally here!!! As many of us spent the winter indoors, mounted or not, we thought a clinic to get our minds and bodies back in the saddle was in order. Please join us for our players clinic, good for players of all capabilities. We will review the basics, practice drills aimed at improving technique and understanding strategies to prepare you for the season ahead.  Learn more..
4/8/2013 HHPC featured on USPA 2012 Northeastern Circuit spotlight Slideshow
  The USPA National Club Development features Haviland Hollow in its profile of the 2012 Northeastern Circuit spotlight Slideshow. SpotLIGHT was an idea generated by the USPA-NCD team and its COO Kris Bowman, with the intent of creating a visual unity from the highlights of each circuit's polo season.  Watch Video..
4/5/2013 2013 Summer Polo Season Schedule is now Available
  Practice chukkers for the 2013 summer season(May 1st - Sept 30th, 2013) starts week of May 20th. Polo resumes with practice and games every wed@6pm, Sat@10am and Sun@11am. Full summer schedule is now available . Contact us for details on membership, lessons, polo events and sponsorship opportunities
2/22/2013 HHPC I/I team defeats Country Farms
  Our High school team did it again at the ongoing USPA North East Regionals Intercollegiate/Interscholastic at Cornell with a victory over Country Farms today. The guys will be playing Toronto I/I team on Sunday. Lets all show our support for the team - Emma, David, Maxi and Coach Paul Kuhn :-)
2/16/2013 HHPC I/I team defeats Gardnertown Farms
  Congrats to HHPC High school team on the win over Gardnertown last night. Next up is Yale Polo Team tomorrow and possibly on your way to the Regional I/I at Cornell. Good luck Emma, David and Maxi..
12/12/2012 Haviland Hollow I/I Program Update
  The winter polo season is in full swing!! Our new Intercollegiate/Interscholastic (I/I) polo program has two teams so far - The Trinity Pawling High School Team and a Haviland Hollow I/I Team made up of students from high schools in the area.Here is brief footage from our I/I program training. View Video
12/07/2012 Haviland Hollow I/I team to play Yale
  This Saturday @ 2.30pm, the Haviland Hollow Polo Club High School Team will play a team from Yale University in a friendly game. You are all invited to attend, so arrive early, for what promises to be a great outing for the kids.